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JUDr. Martina Lysinová, LL.M.
JUDr. Martina Lysinová, LL.M.
attorney at law

Martina Lysinová is a graduate of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Over the course of her university studies as well as after their completion, she worked at a distrainor´s office, at first, as an assistant, later, as a distrainor´s clerk. In 2011, she started to work as an associate and passed her bar exams in 2014. Her primary focus is on family law, labour law with the emphasis on wrongful dismissal and administrative law, mostly matters of local government and transferred execution of state administration of municipalities. She also handles assertion and recovery of claims, representation of the injured in criminal proceedings, copyrights, drafting of contracts under civil and commercial law as well as other civil and commercial law matters. Martina has also provided legal services in development projects dealing with construction of residential buildings.

She provides legal advice both in Slovak and English language.

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