Lawsuits and arbitration proceedings

Major part of our agenda is representation of clients in general courts, the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, the European Court of Human Rights as well as in proceedings held in arbitration courts. Litigation agenda within the law firm is handled by a team of procedural lawyers representing both domestic and foreign clients in civil, commercial and administrative proceedings.

The law firm represents its clients in litigation as well as non-litigation matters from various areas of law, however, it has the most experience with lawsuits over damages, with matters concerning business companies, protection of ownership rights, intellectual property rights and labour law. In addition to representation of clients in court proceedings, legal services provided by our law firm include thorough assessment of facts of a case, assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the client´s procedural status, proposing possible solutions, representation of the client in out-of-court dispute resolution, drafting of all types of filings, including pre-trial notices, actions, proposals, statements and ordinary as well as extraordinary remedies.